Lupus-massage-relieve-painHave you ever tried massage therapy to relieve your lupus pain? Some lupus patients claim that they have found great relief after a massage session. Massage therapists can apply rhythmic pressure with their fingers all along the body. They tend to follow specific zones of the body in order to correspond the pressure with the body’s natural energy flow. Some types of massage require deep pressure and the therapist will use their fingers to work out any knots from the muscle layers.

This is just one of our 10 ways to relieve pain from lupus. When it comes to massage therapy for Lupus patients, it is important to note that some methods of treatment that work for one patient may not provide the same results for another. If you are interested in trying massage to relieve your lupus pain, read about the different types of massage techniques first to make sure that you find the best style for you. Also, look for credible, licensed massage therapists in your area. Someone with experience will be able to better understand your condition and cater the massage to your specific needs.

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