Restless Leg SyndromeIt is estimated that up to 10% of Americans suffer from restless leg syndrome and about 2-3% of these cases are categorized as severe RLS. This condition affects people of all ages, but most commonly middle-aged and older individuals.

Restless leg syndrome is a nervous system disorder that causes uncomfortable sensations in the legs, resulting in an overwhelming need to move the legs to try to make the sensations go away. The sensation can vary depending on the person including throbbing, achiness, pain, numbness, tingling sensations, or a creeping feeling, as though insects are moving across the skin.

Unfortunately, RLS tends to flare up at night, leading to sleep disorders for many people.

With most cases of restless leg syndrome, the cause is unknown, but researchers believe that the following factors might be culprits:

  • Researchers believe that a genetic component might make someone susceptible to RLS.
  • In many cases, RLS is a symptom of other chronic health conditions including Diabetes, iron deficiency, Parkinson’s disease, peripheral neuropathy, and kidney failure.
  • Certain medications like anti-nausea, anti-depressants, cold and allergy medications containing antihistamines may cause RLS symptoms.
  • Various lifestyle and dietary choices may increase risk of RLS. Sleep troubles and alcohol consumption may trigger symptoms.

Pregnant women may deal with Restless Leg Syndrome, especially in the last trimester, however, symptoms usually subside within one month after delivery.

Once the issue is identified as restless leg syndrome, it is possible to manage the symptoms and limit its effects. While doctors may prescribe various medications to help treat restless leg syndrome, there are natural ways to find relief.

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