Rheumatoid-arthritis-sleep-problems-painRheumatoid Arthritis can make it difficult to get a good night’s rest. When you are in pain, how can you sleep well enough for the body to recuperate and repair itself? Researchers say that RA patients who have trouble sleeping are more likely to suffer from depression, severe pain, and to have trouble performing their daily tasks. It is believed to have this effect because low amounts of sleep cause levels of stress hormones to rise, resulting in bad flare ups. Another factor is that deep sleep causes the body to release growth hormones, which help to mend the little muscle tears that occur throughout the day. Without this deep sleep, pain levels are only intensified.

With all of this being said, it is important for Rheumatoid sufferers to find ways to relieve their pain in order to get the sleep their body needs. Perhaps, there are methods available that could help the body relax and could ease the pain enough for RA patients to drift off into sweet sleep. Some individuals have found yoga or meditation to help with this. Others find relief in the form of topical pain relievers. If you suffer from RA, search for what works best for you!

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