How to use <span class='notranslate'>Real Time Pain Relief</span> ProductsWe recommend following this simple 7-day regimen to experience maximum relief with Real Time Pain Relief products.


#1) Make Your Selection

Choose the targeted relief product that best fits the needs of any area in pain.

 How to Use <span class='notranslate'>Real Time Pain Relief</span>


#2) Apply 2 Layers

Apply a generous layer of your chosen Real Time product to the area in pain. Wait 3-5 minutes for the transdermal formula to absorb into the skin. Then apply a second layer.


#3) Repeat

Repeat that application process 2x a day for 7 days. This routine is ideal for stubborn and intense pains.  


Bonus Tip!

After 7 days, consider swapping out Real Time Pain Relief’s stronger formulas, like PAIN Cream or MAXX Relief, for a daily maintenance lotion like Real Time DAILY. The Homeopathic blend of Real Time DAILY fights pain before it strikes and offers the nourishment of 15 of Nature’s Ingredients.



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