cold-hands-snowWhen we experience cold weather (especially for long periods of time) it makes our lungs and heart work twice as hard to pump blood and oxygen throughout the body. The parts of the body that are affected the most are the extremities, especially the hands. Without oxygen-enriched blood flowing properly, we risk causing damage to the hands. If exposed to the elements for long periods at a time, problems such as numbness, stiffness, dry skin and pain in the bones and joints arise. We also run the risk of developing issues involving nerve damage and the feeling in our hands when we are exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Protecting our hands from the cold elements is one of the easiest ways to prevent these types of problems. This means bundling up with mittens or warm gloves before going out in cold weather. It’s never too late to start doing this, but it helps to start when you are young. Doing so can help prevent loss of motor skills/dexterity when we are older. Similar issues such as the inability to grip items in our hands properly, numbness, and overall painful conditions may arise later in life if the hands were not protected from cold weather in our early years.

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