Watch out of your posture it can affect your knees!Doctors believe that a runner’s posture can be a factor in the development of Runner’s Knee. If a runner has weak hip stabilizers, the body naturally compensates to stabilize the pelvis by rotating the thigh inward. This causes the pelvis and thigh to tilt, pinches the knee between the bones, and causes damage to the cartilage.

If you believe that this is the cause of your Runner’s Knee, do not think that you will forever have to run through the pain. You can train yourself to contract your outer hip muscles which will stabilize the pelvis, promote realignment, and relieve the knees from all the wear and tear.

This is just one of 9 Tips to Ease Runner’s Knee Pain that we have discovered to help you naturally ease your pain. For more details on reducing your Runner’s Knee Pain (Click Here)

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