lucas-teodoro-bullfighter-real-time-pain-reliefWe are incredibly excited to announce our first Real Time Pain Relief Bullfighter!!

Lucas Teodoro - Gauchinho - Professional Bullfighter. Fights bulls professionally for the PBR and PBR Velocity Tour.

With their heroism and fearlessness, Bullfighters keep the sport of Bull Riding going. Lucas Teodoro plays his part every weekend!

Lucas is originally from Brazil, and currently lives in Texas. He is one of the best Bullfighters in the world and is a Brazilian Bullfighting legend. We are thrilled to welcome him to our family!

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Real Time Pain Relief has partnered with the PBR to bring the Real Time Pain Relief Velocity Tour to more cities than ever before! Real Time has also sponsored numerous Bull Riders and other rodeo athletes with the goal of providing pain relief to the world's toughest athletes! We are committed to protecting our athletes, and thus, purchase protective gear and other neccesary equipment for our team of athletes. For us, the health of the athletes is as important as their success. Additionally, we have partnered with the Rider Relief Fund which is dedicated to assisting the riders and other athletes when they are injured and cannot work. Without the Rider Relief Fund, many athletes would not be able to continue participating in the sport, and as a result, we are their national sponsors!

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