Posture-back-painI am sure that at some point in your life someone has encouraged you to “stand up straight” or to “watch your posture.” Perhaps it was so annoying to you at the time that it made it easy to disregard the statement. However, this advice could save you years of suffering from back pain. Most professionals will agree that poor posture places strain on the spine, leading to all different types of body aches and pains. While it may seem difficult to change there are a few different tricks that you could try to help yourself overcome poor posture and improve the way your back feels.

One trick to remember when you are walking: act like you are carrying a book on your head, this will help you avoid a slouch. Another idea is to allow the strength for your balance and posture to come from your calf muscles. This will cause your body to relax and help you naturally maintain an upright posture. If you are interested in correcting your posture in order to relieve your back pain, there are numerous other tricks that can help, so look around and try to find the best method for yourself. Focusing on your posture is just one way that we have to found to help you relieve your back pain.

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