Dairy can make pain and infammation worseMost people think of cows when they think of dairy, and rightly so because most of the dairy on the shelves of Western grocery stores comes from cows in the form of milk, cheese, cream, butter, sour cream, and yogurt. However, there are also dairy products that come from other animals like goats, sheep, and camels that are available at some stores.

Dairy refers to the milk secretions that come from the udders of female animals, which is intended to feed their young, just as many human women nurse their babies.

There are two types of genes in cows called A1 and A2. Most conventional cows bred for dairy production in North America are A1 cows. There is speculation that the milk from A1 cows is harder to digest for some people than the milk from A2 cows. But the conventional system uses milk from A1 cows, mostly black and white Holsteins because they are easier to breed in large numbers to keep up with our high volume of milk consumption.

Why Can It Be Bad?

A lot of people think that dairy is a staple in a healthy diet, but the evidence is showing that this isn’t the case. In fact, the opposite might be true. Dairy could actually be harmful to your health. How?

There are many ways that dairy consumption can be bad for you. Humans actually lose the ability to properly digest the components in all species milked at the age of natural weaning, which is between the ages of 4-7 when you look at worldwide averages from the World Health Organization. This is because human infants are born needing to be able to properly digest their mother’s milk, and then lose the ability when they begin to eat solid foods regularly and no longer need their mother’s milk for survival.

There are many other things in cow’s milk that can be bad for a human to ingest. These include:

  • Hormones meant for a cow’s body and not a human’s.
  • Growth hormones meant for baby cows.
  • Antibiotics are used to treat cows if they have an infection, which are common in the environmental conditions that dairy cows are kept in.
  • Dairy cows can develop udder infections, causing pus to be collected in the milk. The industry actually allows a percentage of pus to be in the final product of the milk they gather from the cows.
  • Milk contains proteins and sugars that aren’t meant for the human body and are hard to digest.

All of these things can cause our digestive system to go haywire when it comes in contact with dairy products, especially if we already have poor digestive health. Having poor digestive health and then consuming things that do not agree with our digestive system can cause an increase in pain and inflammation. And that is bad news for people with Gout, back pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, or arthritis. Consumption of dairy products can make all of these conditions worse.

What Can You Eat Instead?

There are many alternatives to dairy that are easily accessible in your local grocery store. If you like to use milk or cream in your coffee, there are many alternative types of milk made from nuts, rice, or soy that can be used instead.

You do not have to be Vegan to appreciate the products that are available to substitute cheese in your recipe. Check out the Vegan section of your local specialty grocery store for lots of cheese and dairy free options. There are also many recipes online for making dairy free sour cream, spicy cheese sauces for burritos, and other things. Butter can be substituted with other oils for cooking like avocado or coconut oil. Both oils are better for pan-frying anyways since they have a higher smoke point. Frozen bananas can be blended in a high-powered blender or food processor and topped with fruits, chopped nuts, and dairy free chocolate sauce as a delicious dessert in the evening.

Try looking for recipes that do not include dairy products in the first place. Often the key to taking something out of your diet is to find new and exciting recipes to try and begin incorporating those into your weekly meal plan.

Final Thoughts

Dairy is not good for everyone to consume. If you have Gout, back pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, or arthritis, consumption of dairy products can make all of these conditions worse by increasing the amount of inflammation in your body. Try searching online for new recipes to inspire you, and go to your local specialty grocery store to see what dairy substitute products they have available to try.

Ditching dairy does not have to feel like you are sacrificing flavor! There are lots of yummy options to choose from.

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