Exercise doesn't have to cost a fortune! Staying active doesn't even need to cost you a dime when you realize it isn't crucial to have a gym membership, a bunch of exercise equipment, or a professional who can formulate plans for you. Physical activity also doesn't have to take up all of your time. We are busy people, right? We can’t quit our day jobs or skip out on plans with loved ones just so we can get some activity in our life. Did you know that there are some ways to be active without going to a gym or going for a run? Here are 7 easy ways to sneak some extra fitness into your day:

7 Ways to Be More Active in Every Day LifeTake the Stairs

Have you noticed that there are exercise machines that are made to simulate stairs? That's proof enough that it's a good workout! Skip the elevator and even the escalators. Walking, even leisurely, up the stairs is a mini workout that's convenient and often we do not have to change our routines at all to implement it.

Stand Up

Sounds simple, right? It is! While you're working, for example, try to stand more than you're sitting. Standing desks are a huge plus in this situation, but if that is not applicable to your environment, plan to take standing breaks. Try to stand for at least 5 minutes every hour or so. Better yet, you could make a point to stand up whenever you're on the phone. This little change, especially once it becomes a habit, makes a difference!

Embrace Chores

Our houses don't clean themselves (at least not yet). And our food most certainly doesn't cook itself. Making a point to clean your house weekly or cook at home more is an exercise in itself. We don't look at these chores as being exercise but it definitely gets us moving.

7 Ways to Get Active Without Going to a GymThink of the Grocery Store as Your Gym

Sounds funny, but it's easy. Park farther away to keep up the walking trend and trade in your cart for a basket (unless you need a lot of groceries). Using a basket forces you to be holding your groceries rather than just pushing them along. This is basically weight lifting and it's getting your errands taken care of. Win, win!

Play with Your Pet

7 Ways to Live a More Active LifeOr get one for that matter. It's for your health! It has been proven that pet owners, especially those with dogs, are much more active. Pets need activity too and they need us to walk them and play with them. This isn't limited to just dogs, however. Cats love chasing things too. Overall, pets can easily become little accountability partners without us realizing it (even if it is mostly for their benefit).

Set an Alarm

Similarly to standing while working, setting an alarm to remind you to get up and stretch can be very beneficial. Whether it be watching TV, reading a book, or any other leisure activity, it can be very easy to lose track of time. That's why a periodical alarm sounding off to remind you to get up and do some light stretching is a great way to squeeze some activity into your day. Your body will thank you for breaking up the sedentary activity.

Find the Active in Activity

7 Ways to Be Active Every Day Without the GymThis is arguably the most important suggestion. Choose activities that get you moving. Skip the coffee dates maybe and go for a hike instead. If you love to golf, skip the cart. How about a bowling night? The possibilities are endless but make sure you are implementing activities that you enjoy so that it won't even feel like exercise!

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