what-is-office-syndromeHave you ever heard of Office Syndrome? It is striking people who work in offices and have to sit in one position for long periods of time. The most common age range for those affected by ‘Office Syndrome’ is 16-35 years old. In this age category of office workers, there is a 55% chance of being diagnosed with this illness.

There are a few reasons that professionals believe this illness is caused.

#1) Many people do not use good posture while they sit at their desk. Common tendencies for many people is to hunch the shoulders, cross the legs, lean back too far in their chair, curve the back, or hold the neck at odd angles.

#2) Your desk or office station may not be set up or designed specifically for you. For instance, the height of your table may be wrong, your chair may not provide the right support for you, or the distance that your computer, keyboard, and mouse are away from you may be causing body strain.

These two factors combined with the fact that most employees are at work for at least 5 days a week, every week, barring the occasional vacation, often leads to the development of pain in many parts of the body. Areas that commonly suffer are the neck, hands, back, hips, knees, shoulders, wrists, and even the eyes.

For many, pain may start in one area of the body, but it is common for more, or all, of the aforementioned areas to eventually be affected. Eventually an office worker, may develop pain in the entire body. Even eyesight begins to be affected. Without some preventative measures being taken, it is possible that ‘Office Syndrome’ can lead to a slipped vertebral disc, and in severe cases, paralysis.

Here are some tips to help you prevent the dreaded ‘Office Syndrome’. If you implement tactics early in your career, you may be able to avoid the detrimental effects that desk work has on the body.

  • Try to develop good posture habits. It is not going to be easy at first, but with time your muscles will strengthen and you will not fall into the ‘hunched over’ position as much. To develop good posture, it is often very beneficial to begin strengthening your core muscles.
  • Adjust your work station to suit your specific needs.
  • Check the height of your desk. Is it at elbow level for you? If it isn’t, it can cause your shoulders to cramp.
  • What about your chair height? Are your legs able to reach the ground or do they dangle? If they dangle, it would help if you used a footrest. It would prevent leg and hip pain.
  • Make sure that your computer screen is at eye level.
  • Avoid crossing your legs.
  • Try to keep your back as straight as possible to prevent strain.
  • Every hour, give yourself a couple of minutes to stand up and move around. This will get your blood flowing to all areas of your body. Maintaining good circulation can help you improve muscle and joint pain.
  • Standing desks are very popular these days, if your work will allow it, perhaps a standing desk would be a beneficial adjustment.

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