Health Benefits of Low Menthol Levels in Topical Pain RelieversReal Time Pain Relief products are made with the safety of everyone in mind. Since 1998, we have utilized the powerful pain relief of Nature’s active ingredient, Menthol, in its lowest effective dose, using concentrations ranging from 0.5% to 1.5%. From our 20 years of pain relief experience, Menthol in these doses still provides effective pain relief without bearing the concern for serious topical burns or injury.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Real Time Pain Relief Products Contain Low Menthol Levels:

#1) Skin Damage and Burns

The FDA cautions that topical pain relievers containing more than 3% menthol concentrations can cause skin damage and serious topical burns.

#2) Over-Masking Pain Can Have Negative Effects

Menthol is Nature’s analgesic and creates a numbing effect where it is applied and disrupts pain signals to the brain, which is nice when you need relief. But, too much of a good thing isn’t always the best thing for you. A menthol concentration over 3% in a topical pain reliever disconnects you from your body’s signals, and with time, can lead to more problems. Menthol in smaller doses (1.5% or less) still provides effective pain relief without bearing the concern for future issues.

#3) Other Brands Often Use Up to 9x the Effective Dose

Most other brands of topical pain relievers take the risk and use 5%-15% Menthol concentrations.

Real Time Pain Relief is committed to make products with Menthol levels below 3% and to provide safe, fast-acting relief without a formidable burning sensation. Since it is possible to get effective relief from lower doses, we don’t expect anyone to trade aches and pains for burning and irritated skin!


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